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i know another moment will break my heart

Name: Katie/Kate/"I can't believe you're my daughter"

Age: 20 something? OK... 29... but I can pass for oh! so much younger!

Location: Des Moines, Iowa (Don't ask why)

Description: I am in love with everything and anything and nothing, often times together. I'm a simple girl; if by simple one means taking two hours to get ready, a plethora of cds, a stompy boot fetish, and a snarky comment here and there. My life consists of a million projects, all started; none with hopes of ever being completed. I have a short attention span (ooh! shiny!!), and it shows. Songs that last longer than four minutes are most likely changed around the "bridge" when I am driving. I drive fast, by the way. But I'm a *great* driver. I'm also a great conversationalist. :)

I am an artist. I write poetry and fictional horror. I *love* to write, and have since I was in third grade. I hope to one day be published, and I *am* working on it... however, I am a virgo... and I have that perfection thing down to a fine art. Let's just say I've finished Chapter One in my novel... about sixteen times.



Why should I be accepted? Because I refuse to be denied? *bats lashes* Actually, I don't put myself up for rejection often enough. I suppose it's the masochist in me peeking through that made me want to submit to Zombie Dolls. I know I possess what it takes to be a bitch, but it rarely shines through. And I know what I possess to be an absolute doll... though I keep her locked away in the trunk more often than not. I'm conveniently placed in the "misfits" category because of the close-minded crowds where I live. I rebel against that... and most everything else. Still, my make-up seems to scare the sunlight out of most people here that meet me. I hate being judged on what I look like, but then again I refuse to change for anyone. I am a walking contradiction, yes?

I *adore* music. It is my biggest passion. I love Van Gogh, The Addams family, Hawaiin Punch, Cinnamon *anything*, Hello Kitty (as well as a ton of other cartoons), <i>The Breakfast Club</i>... and most other brat pack movies, butterflies, Monty Python and random made-up words.

I despise Technical difficulties, Catty remarks, Root beer, Snobby virgins, Television, Bad Hair Weeks and cheap black eyeliner.

Musical Interests? My absolute favourite band is The Cure. I also adore Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Nine Inch Nails, Razed in Black, Assemblage 23, Bella Morte, Rosetta Stone, X Marks the Pedwalk... I could go on... forever, maybe.




no matter what? thank you for looking. :D  

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Yup !
i just wanted to tell you that you're *absolutely* gorgeous. i hope when i'm 32... (ok, in 3 years) i look half as beautiful as you do! *bats lashes*

i really like your attitude and what you have to say... would you mind too terribly if i add you as a friend?


love and stitches,
oh my god your such a sweetie. I'm sure you'll be a supah hottie as you are now no matter what age and yes I'd be flattered if you'd add me I'll do likewise!
*wink* ;-)
cute. cute. cute.

thank you!!!