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sweet lovely death.

the name would be manda.
all in seventeen years of time, nearly eighteen.
minneapolis. minnesota.

much too infatuated with death, horror, the strange, and music.
interested in everything, really.
going to shows consumes a large portion of my life.
also, running a zine(all horror/ and everything creepy based) and distribution(selling patches, and later on everything else) by the name of MIND ROT.
i write more than i read, and create things more than anything else.
founder of TWINCITIESHORROR, and director/producer/writer/actor for low budget horror, mostly zombie flicks. have already made one. currently working on the second.
i live on my own. with eight roommates. our house is called THE KREMLIN, where we have shows and parties on a regular basis.
have been actively involved in the minneapolis d-i-y /punk/whatever scene/community since i was 12.
i grew up really fast.
i’ve met a lot of people, and been a lot of places.
thee only goal i have is to obtain as much knowledge as possible in this lifetime.

music. yes. lot’s of it.
to name a few, …the misfits, slayer, danzig, samhain, gwar, tear it up, municipal waste, crucial unit, gauze, black flag, negative approach, garmonbozia, provoked, nocompliance, big fuckin skull, provoked, nine shocks terror, limp wrist, aus-rotten, destroy!, leftover crack, acid bath, skinny puppy, subhumans, r.a.m.b.o, kylesa, fuck on the beach, amebix, resolve, generation x, Johnny cash, damage deposit, code 13, dirty rotten imbeciles, misery, minor threat, civil disobiedience, caustic christ, blanks 77, cluster bomb unit, the leveling, cock sparer, discharge, crass, behind enemy lines, …..a million more, you get the picture….

here’s me flooding you with pictures.
apologies in advance.


i’m fucking dead.

dead girl.

i’ll swallow your soul.


i’m the pink one.

fucked up on me 17th birthday.


me and my lover.

summoning the dead...

okay. i guess this is enough.

((if i don't get accepted, some of you should add me to your friend lists))

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